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Key Business helps you optimize your financial management

Key Business, the solution for Treasury Management.  

Our Teams are working continually to improve our Financial Suite to allow our customers and users to have an optimal, easy and user-friendly solution to manage and optimize the financial situation of their companies.

We are working only on our skilled knowledge which are the treasury and cash management, the credit collection, the payment factory, the allocation and the posting of the bank statement, the anti-corrupted solution, the financing management and the banking relationship.

We offer modern and scalable solutions to meet the expectations and needs of the financial services of small, medium and large companies and international groups.

But more than the IT solution, our teams are there to ensure the implementation of these solutions and above all to ensure the monitoring, development and maintenance.

Our Financial Software Solution

Optimize your financial management with Key Business financial Software.​

Automate the sending and receiving of your payment flows With a high level of security.

Manage your forecasts, your budgets, and optimize your daily cash management.

Manage all of your financing, simulate your new loans and keep an overview of your debt.

Simplify your customer lettering and automate it up to 90% while generating your accounting entries.

Secure your payments workflow against internal and external fraud and manage lists of excluded third parties.

Manage your customers thanks to a collaborative and latest generation tool, and automate your reminders thanks to scenarios.

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Our products offer you an optimization of your working capital, simplicity of use and a gain in productivity.


Support according to Key Business

A team of experts help you with personalized follow-up

Unlimited assistance service available by phone or mail

Software available in Saas or om premise

Training to give you 100% autonomy on our products

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