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Cash flow management: dedicated features not always included!

Although there is a popular belief that is still firmly rooted in people’s minds, ERP is not the solution to all corporate business challenges. Some subtle aspects are still beyond the scope of these otherwise well-designed and sophisticated tools. This is particularly true for treasury budgets which can have disastrous consequences on the sustainability of organizations.


Multi-level forecasting: treasures at their finest!

Many CFOs are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. Some of them also have more immediate concerns in a particularly tense global geopolitical context. In both cases, it is essential for organizations to completely rethink their cash flow management processes and find ways to be as accurate as possible in their financial forecasts.

Smart Cashflow and Credit & Collection Management: the Key to Sustainability

Cash flow uncertainty due to delays in receiving payments  has become a common concern for many organizations. The causes of this problem are not to be found in the digitization of increasingly efficient, automated, controlled and secured financial processes. This requires a change in business strategy, especially for those struggling to pay their company’s debts.

The fight against fraud: new solutions adapted for business strategies

The amount of fraud and attempted fraud that businesses are victims of continues to rise in Belgium and abroad. Fortunately, there are simple, quick and effective solutions to put in place to fight against this trend, the consequences of which can prove to be disastrous.