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Key Business

Financial management software Editor

The story of Key Business starts in 1988 in Brussels.

Originally, the company was the Benelux subsidiary of the French group Concept. From its former parent company, Key Business has gained experience in cash management and bank statement management.

In 2001, the Concept group was bought by Sage and the name of Key Business was a follow-up to a buyout management strategy. Since its creation, Key Business has expanded its R & D activities to become both publisher and value-added distributor of software packages. The publisher adventure in Key Business begins with the WWEB software package, a tool dedicated to pre-book posting. Subsequently, the software package KBF has just made this adventure a reality by using the use of a new technology (.NET).

The evolution of Key Business took place with the evolution of the financial software market. Thus, some companies have maintained business relationships of more than 20 years and experienced DOS, support via server and .NET alongside Key Business. This same ability to adapt has enabled key operations as well as developments in banking telecommunications (Swift, Coda, CFONB).

Today, Key Business is based in new offices in Braine-l’Alleud. The staff of the company consists of functional consultants and IT specialists dedicated to specific software. In this way, customer requests are processed directly for certain reasons (IT or functional). By its history, Key Business is mainly applied in the Benelux. But the company is not limited to this market and has its customers in the rest of Europe (France, Poland, Irlande, …).

Lastly, Key Business sets the future for innovation by staying up to date on market developments and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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