Our partners

Our partners

SAGE our risk management partner

Sage has always designed and developed management software for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as subsidiaries of large groups. This software covers all functional areas and adapts to all companies, regardless of their size and organization.
The accounting and financial functions have a special place because they represent, historically, one of the founding pillars of the Sage offer, for which our expertise is recognized worldwide.
Each finance or business function has one or more Sage solutions. It’s up to you to determine which one will allow you to boost your financial services, improve their efficiency and develop the agility and mobility of your employees.


Founded 17 years ago, Tell Me How is aimed at the main players in treasury management (Treasurer, CFO, CEO) and puts at your disposal 30 years of managerial and operational experience by offering you expertise and technical, organizational and project management skills immediately available.
Tell Me How offers an innovative approach to solving structural or operational problems and guiding you in the implementation of effective long-term solutions, in the form of consulting, consultancy or interim management. Tell Me How offers outsourcing, systems set-up and interim management services on demand.

Tell Me How srl
Tél: 32.496.16.25.59

Covline, our Credit Collection partner

As a business publisher, COVLINE stands out for the expertise of its team, which capitalizes on several decades of experience, also by the technological relevance of its ELOFICASH software solution.

ELOFICASH meets all the challenges of cash collection management. In risk prevention, out-of-court collection and handling of business disputes. Multi-languages, companies, currencies, payers, ELOFICASH blends into any information system to operate, process and take advantage of the data necessary for collection.

In addition to guaranteeing indicators and “flawless” monitoring of actions, ELOFICASH is intended to be a collaborative solution that is open to your business. From the exchange between collaborators via Smartphone, forum, workflow… to the collection of information from third parties – credit insurers, suppliers of financial, legal, legal data…

Logo Epithete

Epithète, our swift partner

Euro-Information Épithète is a subsidiary of Euro-Information which is a subsidiary of  Credit Mutuel Group.

Euro-Information Epithète capitalizes on the technical and technological expertise of the Euro-Information teams and the robustness of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale’s information system in terms of IT security and data protection.

Épithète offers a collaborative portal giving access to management solutions dedicated to subscribing companies and services shared with their business relations, accessible in “consultation mode” or in “consultation and update mode”.

SWIFTNet Service Bureau allows companies to exchange their financial flows directly with French and foreign banks with highly secure conditions on the network SWIFTNet.

Partner for many years of EURO INFORMATION, we have a plug-in allowing an automated and secure integration with E-Control and the service bureau.

Logo Belfius

BELFIUS, Historical partner

Partenaire historique

Belfius is one of the 4 big Belgians banks and is the benchmark banker in the public sector. In this context, we have defined a partnership where Belfius offers our anti-fraud solution to all public entities. This partnership has been active 5 years ago and many public entities are already equipped with our anti-fraud KBF.

Logo Infor


Infor is a global player that provides software solutions to manage every aspect of a business. Dedicated to specific industries, Infor offers global cloud suites and provides efficient technology that prioritizes user experience, data science, and easily integrates with existing systems.

More than 65,000 companies worldwide already trust Infor to overcome market disruptions and drive their digital transformation.

3rd worldwide publisher, the INFOR group has been a distributor and integrator of our solutions for more than 12 years

logo Talentia


Talentia is a major player in the digitization of HR & Finance functions to optimize business processes and simplify the growing complexity of companies.

Present in 9 countries, with 430 employees and more than 3,600 customers.

Our network


ATEL (Association des Trésoriers d’Entreprise à Luxembourg) was born on December 19, 1994 thanks to the will of twelve company treasurers, the founding members of the ATEL.

From the first year, the ATEL had 83 members and had more than 160 by the end of 2001. About two thirds of the members have the status of “active member”, that is to say members carrying out the duties of treasurer within a company or a directly related activity. The other members have the status of “corresponding members” who are mainly bankers but also students or auditors.

Cercle du lac

Since its creation in 2005, Le Cercle du Lac, located in Louvain-La-Neuve, has never ceased to create the future for the 700 active members.

Le Cercle du Lac quickly positioned itself as a place of business by setting itself the mission of promoting networking, developing the entrepreneurial fabric and promoting innovation.

It brings together the vast majority of decision-makers and owners of SMEs, large companies and entrepreneurs from Brussels to Namur. Its strategic location in Louvain-La-Neuve, in the heart of economic Wallonia, allows all members to meet easily.

If the members are loyal, it is above all for the particularities of the Cercle du Lac:

  • A business club, which allows its members to do business and increase their sales (2/3 of the members have done business thanks to Cercle du Lac)
  • A group of sharing and exchange, between members, because the Cercle du Lac is a “learning network” which has remained dynamic and friendly
  • An innovative Circle and vector of new ideas.


In Paris, each year, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING, Société Générale, SWIFT and UTSIT organize a big meeting at the Stock Exchange with more than 30 other partners (banks, software publishers, service companies and consulting firms). These meetings are an opportunity to take stock of the latest techniques in the bank-company relationship. In Europe and around the world, the same ecosystem is reproduced, depending on the needs of a given market and its players.

For several years now, the E-Finances / Key BUSINESS group has been present at the UNIVERSWIFTNET and supports its customers in the SWIFT environment.