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Our financial suite is a panel of different modules that can be chosen by users according to their needs and expectations. This financial suite is developed with current IT tools and is constantly evolving to always be at the cutting edge of technology and thus allow ease of use and great analytical power.

We propose to work on Oracle or Microsoft databases, both in cloud mode and on Premise to be sure to respect the strategic choices in terms of technology of our customers.

Our solutions combine user-friendliness, powerful automation, easy connectivity with other tools or data sources. They propose a complete and fully customizable reporting on demand.

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Optimize your financial management with Key Business financial Software.

Antifraud with KBF Antifraude

This solution allows you to secure your payment flow against internal and external fraud. It is a flexible solution that can easily be integrated into your payment architecture. It is an additional and skilled part of your ERP or accounting tool, it does not require any development to be integrated while providing complete security on your payments.

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Logiciel E-tresorerie Key Business

Cash management with E-Treasury

Our cash management solution makes it possible to integrate bank and forecast flows to show the current and future cash position in order to make the optimal decisions. The tool makes it possible to analyze the different flows and to propose the desired reporting (standard or personalized according to the wishes of the financial departments).

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Allocation and posting for bank statements with E-Allocation & Posting

EAP makes it possible to automatically post, without resorting to structured communication, any bank statement format in the accounting software or ERP. It allows you to make accounting entries in the bank and on the customer account while performing the lettering of the invoice(s) paid. This solution eliminates the manual task of encoding banks and lettering the customer account.

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Logiciel E-tresorerie Key Business
Logiciel E-credit management Key Business

Credit Collection with E-Credit Management

In order to accelerate the collection of customer receivables, we offer you a complete solution allowing you to take follow-up actions using different media, analyzes and the creation of complete customer files.

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Financing management with E-Financing

This solution makes it possible to manage all the financing, regardless of its structure. This solution will generate amortization tables, analyzes and adequate reporting for complete and optimal management of outstanding financing.

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Logiciel e-financements Key Business
Solution E-control screen Key Business

Payment Factory with E-Control Communication

Our Payment Factory makes it possible to integrate all the banks and all the bank accounts of a company or a group of companies. We offer you to centralize all payments, to study them before validating them and to secure the payment process until it is executed by your various bankers. Subsequently, the tool will allow a series of analyzes and reporting to allow complete traceability of the process.

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