E-Allocation and posting software

E-Allocation & Posting

Automate 90% of your customer lettering


E-Allocation & Posting allows you to automate a thankless task with no added value for your company, but which is totally mandatory and necessary, namely the encoding of bank statements and the lettering of the invoices linked to them.

It is THE solution for companies who work in B-to-B and have payments grouping together several invoices. It is fully compatible with all accounting and ERP software on the market, as well as with all local banks or bank formats (xml, MT940, Coda V2….)

E-Allocation & Posting simplify your customer lettering and automate it up to 90% while generating your accounting entries.

Automate your customer lettering and generate your accounting entries

The accounting posting software for your customer receipts allows you to:

  • Decode and integrate bank statements files
  • Process transactions for posting
  • Post and allocate open items
  • Simplify integration with your accounting software thanks to the output interface file

The automatic allocation of the E-AP software is a guarantee of security and reliability. All the allocations and all the results of the reconciliation are carried out on the basis of predefined rules, ensuring total and optimal control of this automation.


The posting of your accounts receivable and payable

Automatically generates your accounting entries

Simplifies integration with your accounting software

Decode and integrate your bank statement files

Secure and control all your reconciliations

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