KBF Antifraude software

KBF Antifraud

A new generation tool to manage your cash flow


KBF Antifraud is the solution to secure your payment workflow against internal and external fraud. The module includes customizable rights management that meets your internal audit control criteria. It performs a check on the basis of bank account numbers and the names of third parties approved by your company. Systematic verification of payments to blacklisted third parties.

KBF Antifraud is complementary to all accounting and ERP software. It does not require any specific development and is compatible with all the banks present on the market.

In addition, the solution will automatically check if the third-party payment is in order regarding the SPF and the ONSS to allow you to take the necessary invoice deduction.

KBF Antifraud is complementary to all accounting and ERP software.

A new generation tool to secure your payment cycle

KBF Antifraud is a protection against internal and external fraud and human error. It is a real deterrence against these frauds. It allows:

  • To save time for more safety
  • An easy-to-use and effective solution
  • A multilanguage tool
  • Multi-format solution
  • To communicate with Isabel and Multiline
  • This solution is present in a growing number of private and public companies. 
  • KBF Antifraud is supported and offered by certain banks to their customers.


Management of approved third party lists

  • The app includes your list of third parties and employees whose bank accounts and names have been approved.
  • This list is updated automatically over a period of time defined according to your criteria.
  • Possibility of adding third parties manually.

Management of excluded third party lists

  • The application gives you the ability to manage your own third parties blacklisted.
  • A verification request will be automatically sent by email for payments from these third parties.
  • Possibility of incorporating black lists of official bodies (OFAC, EU and UN).
  • Payments to targeted countries and / or banks may be blocked.
  • Payments which are higher than a fixed amount will be blocked.

Management of the blockages of payment files

  • Payments blacklisted or anomalous third parties are directly put on hold for verification (s).
  • A notification is sent by email to users when it is needed.
  • Unlock rules and users with these rights are directly defined by your business and your needs

The verification of the payments workflow

  • The anti-fraud module allows to secure your payment workflow.
  • It checks your payments and withdrawals based on your approved and excluded third party lists.
  • An automated and instantaneous solution that requires no manipulation when the payments have no anomaly(s).

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