E-Credit management software

E-Credit Management

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We see that payment times are constantly increasing. Many companies take advantage of supplier credit to reduce their need for financing. This therefore leads to an extension of the payment period and a deterioration of the DSO for many companies.

Some companies go so far as to experience cash flow difficulties as a result of this situation.

It therefore depends on the survival of companies to monitor the situation of their outstanding customers and therefore to equip themselves with a management tool allowing them to carry out this task in the most professional way possible with adequate automation.

E-Credit Management is this solution.

E-Credit management is a complete solution to better control the risks of default and non-payment.

Optimize the collection of your trade receivables

This modern and totally customizable solution based on the expectations of the users makes it possible to better control the risks of failures and unpaid bills. It allows the acceleration of customer collections and to forecast the related cash flows. This, thanks to a series of tasks that will be done automatically while offering relevant reporting and analysis.

E-Credit Management allows to :

  • Organize, automate and optimize the follow-up and collection stages,
  • Improve dispute management,
  • Manage the risk of customer defaults,
  • Help with the decision,
  • Foresee customer payments and therefore improve cash flow forecasts,
  • Manage the client position in an efficient and collaborative way,
  • Reduce the average payment time by 20%

Added value of the solution

Analyse your credit activity

Reduce your DSO

Prevent the risk of late payment

Automate your customer reminders

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